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Avalokitesvara is also known as Guanyin Bodhisattva or Avalokitesvara. Shaped in the Song Dynasty, the location is Shuanglin Temple in Pingyao, Shanxi, and the original name of Avalokitesvara is “Shuiyue Guanyin”. She changed the convention of standing upright or meditating in Buddhist statues, squatting with her right leg, stepping lightly on the lotus leaf with her left foot, with her center of gravity on her left crotch, slightly raising her right hand, and using her left hand as a support point, she is unrestrained and free. Its posture brilliantly highlights the smooth lines and graceful figure of Guanyin. So people forgot her original name and affectionately called her Avalokitesvara. Ancient sculptors not only complied with the rules of printing in Buddhism, but also used their unique thoughts and emotions, rich imagination and creativity to make their works break the clear rules and regulations in Buddhism, break through the shackles of feudal ethics, and integrate into the strong national life. Breath and human worldly emotions, its profound attainments are praised by today’s people. Avalokitesvara, as for those who are called Guanshi Zizai, they can view the world at ease without hindrance, and can freely relieve suffering and happiness for distressed beings. Avalokitesvara, also translated as “Guangshiyin”, “Guanshizizai”, “Guanshizizai”, is Amitabha’s left servant and one of the three saints in the West. She takes great compassion as her virtue, and it is said that as long as the victims recite her name, Guanyin Bodhisattva will promptly “save all living beings from suffering”. There are many Avalokiteshvara, who become ubiquitous bodhisattvas.



This product is made by firing purple sand with modern technology at high temperature. The product is white as jade, gentle and elegant, very suitable for decoration. With a light strip, it makes people feel relaxed and happy

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 41.6 × 10.2 × 42.2 cm

Purple clay + wood


Dehua, Fujian, China


high temperature firing


safe packing


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