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The Tathagata Buddha is the “Lord of the Buddha World” in the famous Chinese classic novel “Journey to the West” of the Ming Dynasty. His mana is unpredictable. He has mastered the boundless Dharma and the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. He is the head of many Buddhist disciples, and preaches the ten thousand Buddhas with the vast and advanced immeasurable Dharma.
Monkey King, who once subdued the Heavenly Palace, also helped Tang Monk and his disciples subdue monsters such as the powerful six-eared macaque and the golden-winged roc eagle, and finally officially sealed all the monks and disciples who had successfully learned the scriptures as Buddhas under their seats. disciple.
The prototype of the character is the famous and largest Buddha in the history of orthodox Buddhism, “Sakyamuni Buddha”.


This product is made of white porcelain fired at high temperature using modern technology. The product is as white as jade, gentle and elegant, very suitable for decoration

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Dehua, Fujian, China


high temperature firing


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