Zen Backflow Fragrance Gift Box


Backflow incense, also known as downflow incense, is named because the smoke produced during the combustion process flows from high to low like water due to the high tar content. The backflow furnace has a hole or a groove aligned with the small hole of the incense tower, which is also conducive to the downward flow of smoke.

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After setting up the incense set, light the incense, do not extinguish the flame immediately, let the flame burn for 4-6 seconds, and see that the combustion is relatively complete, fan the flame and put it into a special backflow furnace. At first, there will be no cigarettes flowing from the bottom, but after about a minute or two, the cigarettes will change direction and slowly flow out from the bottom.

The smoke contains particles that are heavier than air. As long as there is no wind in the room and the hot air rising from the burning and heated periphery is isolated, the hot air will not let the smoke rise upwards, and the smoke will sink. There are more impurities mixed in the smoke, that is to say, more impurity particles can be produced when the incense is lit. The smoke particles are larger than the specific gravity of the air, and the smoke sinks. It is noted that this kind of backflow incense burner uses special “tower incense”. It is estimated that this special tower incense can diffuse more impurity particles at the same time during the combustion process. This kind of backflow incense burner existed a long time ago, and I have to admire the wisdom of the ancients. Backflow incense is mostly conical and hollow, and is usually equipped with a special incense burner during use. There are holes or grooves in the incense burner to facilitate the downward flow of smoke.

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Dehua, Fujian, China


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