Zisha Little Monk


Modern casual home/study/desk/tea table decoration
Turn the touch of life into details
Slowly appreciating the taste to satisfy your pursuit of home life!

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Ancient China was greatly influenced by Buddhism. Many Chinese people chose to believe in Buddhism and became ordained monks. Men are called monks or monks, and women are called nuns. They are collectively called monks. Monk is originally a title of honor, and only those who have certain qualifications can be called monks. Not everyone can be called a monk.



This product is made by firing purple sand with modern technology at high temperature. Clear product structure, three-dimensional portrayal, kind and dignified

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10.5 × 22 cm

purple sand

Origin: Dehua, Fujian, China

Dehua, Fujian, China


high temperature firing


safe packing


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